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Welcome to Affirm by Wilson Healthcare

The Med Spa Destination in the Virgin Islands

Affirm by Wilson Healthcare Consultants is the premier Med Spa destination in the US Virgin Islands.

We provide state of the art non-invasive procedures that allow you to look and feel your best. With an experienced physician on staff, alongside highly trained certified technicians, you are guaranteed to feel safe and secure during and after your procedure with your discretion always being our priority.

We offer customized treatment plans based on your needs, and our expertise; always providing compassionate and competent solutions. Read more about our services here.

African  skincare models with perfect dark skin and curly hair. Beauty spa treatment concept.

Non-invasive laser skin treatments that targets imperfections such as:

Sun Damage Freckles
Rosacea Acne Scars
Age Spots Spider Veins
Loose Skin Stretch Marks
WarmSculpting Fat Reduction

Non-invasive contactless technology for fat cell disruption. Reduce up to 29% of your fat cells or up to 4-6 inches with this heated therapy. Treatment areas include:

Arms Thighs
Back Abdomen

Non-invasive hair reduction that targets all areas of unwanted/excessive hair growth including:

Arms Legs Face
Underarms Chest Back
Bikini Abdomen And More…

Living in the islands with my skin type the sun is especially harsh on my skin. As a result, I developed dark sun spots on my cheeks that would not go away no matter how many products I use. I visited Affirm by Wilson Healthcare to get laser correction done. Within the first day I was already noticing changes. Two weeks later and it is completely gone! Laser Genesis is where it’s at!

                             -Jessica L.

Getting older I notice I am getting more facial hair. I would always pluck and shave but be left with dark scarring. I visited Affirm by Wilson Healthcare for my hair reduction and immediately my skin was glowing! It’s been several weeks since my last treatment and my skin is thriving! And I haven’t had to shave since!


                    -Susan C.